Do Senator Stevens, And Republican Young Support Us Torture Policies?

You would be surprised with the statistics that nearly half of Americans some type of enemy torture during the combat. Experts claim that 15 years of warfare has shaped public opinion and even some politicians share the same point of view.

Based on statistics, 46% of Americans think it is acceptable to torture enemy during combats, 30% are against of this practice, while 24% were unwilling to answer. So far, only Nigeria and Israel top the U.S., with the 70% and 50 % of positive response towards the torture.

Senator Stevens 2

However, this isn’t recent statistics because several U.S. presidential candidates have made similar statements in the past, followed by congressmen and Republican representatives. To make the things even more troubling, the candidates get the tremendous applause, when their voice support such an action. They seem to embrace this act, thinking they are protecting an American people.

Should we blame Obama

Some politicians think Obama is responsible for this situation, even though, he ended CIA’s enhanced integration program. However, his administration refused to prosecute anyone who participated in the program. Laster, CIA’s representatives, admitted that this program wasn’t effective in gathering intelligence information.

Should we blame Obama

Later Donald Tramp used the CIA’s statement to publicly support this opinion, saying that depending on the source, these techniques allowed officials to gathers useful information about the operations.

However, many experts agree on a thing, while torture might be useful to some extent, it can also provide you with unreliable and biased data. But, that’s not the only reason why torture shouldn’t be executed. It is cruel and inhuman to abuse people who are held in the government’s custody and therefore it’s illegal.

Senator Stevens and Republican Young support U.S. torture policies?

Even though they never openly spoke about this issue, recently we have enough evidence to think that Stevens and Young aren’t against torture policies. They are very harsh in their statements when it comes to American people, stating that we should protect our integrity and safety, no matter what.

This leads us to believe that they might be supporting this opinion but only guard the American nation.