Anchorage Does Use Sweatshop Labor – How To Put A Stop To It

If you want to live in a better society, where child labor and sweatshops cease to exist, then you need to pay attention to the economy you are creating. In the last couple of decade, an Alaskan economy has thrived and even attracted a lot of foreigners, who accepted a harsh climate, to earn significant wages.

They encourage companies to ensure that all workers are paid fairly and treated with respect and dignity.

However, now and then, we hear about sweatshops which neglect the essential employer’s needs and impose them terrible working conditions. As an individual, you won’t be able to achieve much, but if we unite in our demands, then we have changed things for the better.

By taking one or more steps we are going to outline, we have the power to make a difference.

Request sweatshop-free products

It is very challenging to discover whether a company you do business with or buy products from uses forced child labor or has sweatshops. They are usually well-hidden behind their reputable façade, such as Zara case. So next time you go shopping, make sure you are well informed about their business.

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If necessary, research the web and see what other customers think about the company you are doing business with. Their employee policy must be transparent, all of them treated fairly and with respect.

Ask questions

To verify whether some company is legit and operating under laws and regulations, you need to ask some questions. We have drafted a checklist, and it’s going to help you determine whether they use sweatshops.


First of all, ask them about their workers and how they are treated. Do they have factories around the world, of just one base? What are the wages and working conditions? Can they provide you a copy? Can workers support their families with the wages they receive? Does the company have a code of conducts that protects the fundamental human rights?

These questions are crucial and can help you discover shady companies that can ruin your reputation in the business world.