Conscious Business Alliance Forming Now!

The Conscious Business Alliance is a group of businesses and customers who promote humane ways of selling and buying. Our goal is to support each other in creating a business climate where doing good is just as important as earning money. We seek to be honest, caring, and thoughtful about all the ways in which doing our business has an effect.

What is mechanical does not have to be prior in human relationships. Businesses do not exist only to make a profit and to provide a service that is appealing to customers. They also create fulfilling livelihoods, products and services. Meaning, quality, and care should always come first. This goal of the Conscious Business Alliance is to support this way of doing business.

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Ads in Alaska Humanity News
Two business card size ads are included in a $25 membership. Four business card size ads are included in the $50 membership. Alaska Humanity News distributes 15,000 copies at 200 locations and is published quarterly. A $25 membership would provide exposure for six months, and a $50 membership for a full year.

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This includes a summary of your business, location and hours, your self-survey (unless you request privacy), and responses and suggestions from CBA members.

Support of Alaska Humanity News

Directory of Conscious Businesses Alliance

The Summer issue of Alaska Humanity News will look at the operating principles of major Alaskan businesses. In accordance with our new operating principle, invoked as a result of the insipid response to our issue on arts in Alaska (April/May 2006), we are designing a program that expresses our views about this.


Our new principle is that in every edition of our paper we will create or support a positive, tangible, program or event that is a response to the flawed news that we uncover. The ‘positive, tangible’ program for the issue on business is the Conscious Business Alliance. Return here, or pick up the summer paper, for news of this crucial, absent institution.