Anchorage Does Use Sweatshop Labor

Millions of people around the world are experiencing some form of sweatshop labor, or they work in sweatshops. This term is usually associated with the kids working in small and secluded places, sweaty rooms full of people, working in inhuman conditions, barely surviving with the wages they are getting.

sweatshop labor

Even though, this was the case in the past; nowadays we have a different understanding of the term sweatshop. It is linked to a business of a factory that violates two or more labor laws. This can involve almost anything, from child labor and wages to long working hours and minimal fees. But, where do Alaska and Anchorages stand and do they use sweatshop labor?

Is Anchorage breaking down the rules?

As we mentioned before, sweatshop can mean anything that is breaking at least two labor laws. So, nowadays, we can hardly find a company or businesses that is excellent in this department. Due to a harsh climate, demanding working conditions, and excellent pay, Alaska has become a favorite destination of foreign workers.

They believe that working in this country will help them achieve a bigger salary and indeed, they pay more, to compensate for the harsh working conditions. But, is working in these conditions worthy of your time and health? Some will agree, while others will disagree, which is not a rare state nowadays.

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If you spoke to locals, they would say that foreign employees were payed enough. However, people who decide to work here usually come from the developing countries and they consider this as an excellent opportunity to make money. This is one of the reasons, why we can’t determine the actual state.

Can we stop the sweatshop labor?

This is quite a challenging question, but if we unite, sweatshop labor doesn’t have a chance. But, to be able to stop it, people who fall into this group need to realize that they can do so much more. They should understand, that no one should use them to make a profit and achieve higher goals.

As workers, they should be treated equally, with respect and dignity everyone deserves.