Alaskan Muslims Try To Avoid Conflict

The city of Anchorage is home to a diverse Muslim community. However, both Christians and Muslim live in the same area, without experiencing the cultural difference. The community counts more than 3,000 members. They organize various events, rely on each other and organize Muslim gatherings.

This is an exceptional example, how things should work, where people can live peacefully, without any conflicts.

In the last couple of years, Muslims have been looked upon and often regarded as terrorists, due to a small number of people, who use the name of religion to commit the most horrendous things.

However, that’s not the case in Alaska. Muslims here live peacefully and avoid conflict at any cause.

Are they afraid of the conflict?

In the last decade, things have changed significantly. Muslim people somehow carry the burden of their past actions, and other nationalities tend to avoid them. We wouldn’t say they are scared of Muslims, but they think their safety will be jeopardized. In this case, Middle Eastern people live in closed communities and have a hard time opening towards other cultures.


Muslims usually think other people will judge them and blame them for some actions they didn’t commit, which is not far from the truth. We believe they only want to blend into society and lead a normal life, away from conflicts, attacks, bombs, and terrorists. This is one of the reasons why they lead a peaceful life and try to mind their own business because they don’t want to be involved in speculations and controversies.

Trump administration can make things worse

Ever since Donald Trump became the president, he repeatedly attacked Muslim people, classifying them as terrorists, even though the majority of them are respectful U.S. citizens. The similar circumstances lead them to be even more closed than before, and afraid to express their opinion.



Trump even restricted further entrance of Muslim people on the U.S. ground, which somehow made the things worse and isolated the entire nation. So far, Muslims in Alaska still try to have a rich cultural life which is within their community, while paying attention to further developments.