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Our news site is for the people and not for the powerful ones who tend to manipulate the masses. If you want to discover the latest news, get in touch with the Alaskan community and read about the hot topics, then keep following our news site.

We have a team of educated professional who is highly dedicated to delivering an objective opinion. They believe in diversity, in who we are and how we report. It is critical to keep your audience connected because you are writing to them. Our approach is detailed, objective and transparent.


No one is protected or guarded when we have to deliver the truth. In our reporting, we use a diverse range of voices, actively pursuing truth. We always welcome our readers’ feedback because you are the reason why we improve our service daily. Our news site is here because of you, and we want to be open and responsive as possible.

Our team of reporters wants to be accurate, genuine, and transparent in delivering the stories. We follow leads and sources while staying independent. Our sources are protected, and we grant them anonymity because they provide us with information of great public interest.

We launched this platform in 2001, and since then thousands of people have been following our content. In the future, we want to focus on expanding our influence on other countries, not only Alaska because we know that people from other countries have taken an interest in our posts.